First date with this girl and can not tell if she's uninterested or inexperienced?

I'm new to this and I never gone dating before and never had a girlfriend before. Went out with this girl that my coworkers recommended. I'm 23 and she's 22. But before that we hung out as a group the past 3 weeks, mostly for drinks and loungin. I presented myself as a fun, social guy whereas she was a fun but to herself kind of girl. There will be times where the group will isolate us. From there, I'll be myself & joke around. 10/10 she will always be laughing and having a good time. There will be times where I somewhat do light touches on her (hands, shoulders, arms & lower back). Through out the 3 weeks, we would be textin to each other but not a lot. Ex: remindin about the time when our group get together & music taste. I'm not great at being flirty through the phone; I am more comfortable flirting in person. What I like about her is that she texts right away. BIG PLUS I met her up at our meeting place, hugged her and headed to our dating spot. She mentioned that she has to leave early because she had a movie night with her parents & has to get up early for work the next day. So I was cool with it & I expected at least an hour of hangin out. But it honestly went by so fast, like 30mins, it wasn't dark out yet too. I kept track of the time because she wanted to know whats the time. We went to get icecream and we waited in line. My bad on my part but I shouldve stand beside her instead of somewhat infront of her. There were some silence moments but I try to initiate convo topics about her. Wanted to take her to my rooftop so we can eat icecream and watch the sunset but instead she wanted to eat inside where it was playing loud foreign music. But yea, she didn't seem interested throughout the night; no indicators, less eye contact. Hugged her and dropped her off the bus stop. From my pov, she was always quite in her hs days, very family oriented, very religious & never had a boyfriend Texted her the next day of what movie she watch and no response. Should I pursue&go slow?


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  • Maybe she's feeling a bit shy around you. It's too early to say though that she's 100% uninterested, so I think you should pursue & go slow :)

    • I get that same feeling as well from her during our chill. Though, I texted again earlier today and no response. Even though she was activate in whatsapp and snapchat; she's also stopped viewing my snapchat stories sigh.
      I guess she wasn't feeling it from the beginning but like who says theyre busy afterwards before the date started and will also say they will be busy the following weekend?

      Im pretty sure I'm over thinking this; its just i find these no-responses-for-a-couple-a-days are actually killing me and its working. Just gotta chill and keep my mind busy

      mannn dunno

      thank you again, CaliforniaMaki

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