Anyone else dealing with this or feeling this way?

So I've written 15 girls recently over the last couple of weeks on 2 different dating sites and not one of them responded.
I feel shitty.
People I talk to in person are either taken, or have SOME reason why they're not interested.
I haven't had a girlfriend in 7 years and I've only had sex 2 times since then and it was only for a few minutes and I didn't even get off either time.
I don't even feel like a man sometimes because I can't attract or interest anyone.

Am I pathetic?

I mean, nothing I ever say or do works...


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  • Maybe you could try some different strategies with meeting your next girlfriend. Get of the website at least for a little while, do something active that you enjoy and keep looking around. Smile as it attracts positive and just chill which also attracts positive. Think once you meet a person you truly connect with then you get a chance. You need to be ready for that by keeping positive and looking after your health including mental health. You got nothing to lose


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  • Dating sites are a drastically different playing field than real life

    Just so you know though, it's not you. That's just how women are on dating sites... there have been studies on this too. Just so you know, it's not you. Women are even more picky when it comes to online interactions because they suddenly feel like there's a whole new world of possible guys to talk to, and there really aren't. It's just slight variations on the people you already know in real life


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  • The girls you message probably get a bunch of letters a day. It's a dating site, there's thousands if not millions of people on them.

    • It also doesn't help that men are willing to compliment a woman over almost nothing, which leads them to having overly inflated self-esteems and feeling like they can have any guy they want, because they don't think about the fact that those same guys will say that to ANY girl

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    • Not anyone's fault so much as a natural result of how the system works, but that doesn't mean it can't be changed or fixed by people with open minds

    • I totally agree, I try not to restrict myself to gender stereotypes @m_a_x

  • Please know that dating often + regular sex has its OWN set of problems.

  • firstly all them dating sites suck...

  • Are you messaging girls out of your league?


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  • Dating sites are waste of time... I've tried a couple over the last 2 years, but usually people go on it for an ego stroke.


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