Ladies, how do you know if a man is making clear plans with you through text?

1.) If he text you saying " if your schedule is quite flexible and if you're up for it , how about we catch up for lunch this week?
2.) If his text message reads- "How about we hang out this week?"

Which text message is more clear and which one is more vague?


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  • i prefer a date, a time, and a place. both of the examples you gave are pretty vague. the definition of clear plans is not so wishy washy

    a better example is: what are you doing friday? wanna grab a movie at amc at 6?


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  • The first text is clearer than the second, because it specifies that you want lunch and shows some consideration to her timetable too.

  • I would say are you free for lunch this week? Rather than hang out. Lunch specifies making definite plans to do something where hang out is very casual.

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