Why do I get joy out of snooping on my ex's page?

I know this might seem stupid but I like to check/snoop up on my ex's and see what they're doing and what's going on in their lives.. I think I do this mostly because my life's miserable and boring but who knows? Does anyone else do this, or know why people do this? I also kind of get jealous if they have girlfriends ;/..


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  • Ohh yoou're probably gonna be a spy when you're older


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  • Omg I do this too! I've tried to stop but I'm sooooo nosey lol. I got sad when I saw that my ex is engaged, but now I wanna look at his page even more. It's not like I look everyday or even every other day, but I'd still be embarrassed if anyone found out (I'm always paranoid that they'll start showing people who's viewed their profile and I'll get caught).


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  • I don't do that! You need to move on girly :)


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