Do you think she is nervous for the date?

Ok so I am super nervous for my date with this girl. I just want it to go well. With that all being said do you think she is nervous too? I know she has told a few people that she going on a date with me. Do you think she is excited? Do girls get nervous? It's strange because we are actually very comfortable around each other? We are always teasing and joking with each other. I guess I'm nervous because I do like her but I don't know how she feels about me?


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  • It depends. I know I always get a little nervous unless it's a guy I already know very well. The more dates I've been on, the more it's become an excited-nervous instead of a terrified-nervous lol some girls don't really get nervous at all, and others do.

    • Thanks for your opinion. We know eachother from work (separate departments and kicked back job). We talk all the time in person.

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    • I think if you're always teasing and joking at work, she knows she's going to have fun with you. What you do for the date isn't as important.

    • It's a night hike so it should be fun. What kinds of things should I talk about? And thank you so much again. It means the world.

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