I want to hook up with this girl?

So at the 4th of July party there was this chick there. She was into me, but eventually I wondered off after we played this game at the party and I left. I forgot to get her number. I think she's a friend of some of my family members. Should I ask them for her number?
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  • I dunno dude. How close are you with your family. Me, I'd rather be mauled by wolves than ask them for a favor.

    Can't you find her on facebook? Ask a friend?

    • I don't even know her name. If she did say it I forgot. None of my friends know her. I wouldn't be able to find her on facebook.

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    • Let this be a learning experience. Always get that phone number.

      It's up to you dude. Do you think your parents will make fun of you for having a crush?

    • No. My mom has seen her and likes her. My dad definitely wouldn't pick about it.

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