Girls, Confused as hell... not ready for a relationship, but not friend zoning me?

A girl I've been seeing for month, it's been great. She has been there for me, bought me medicine, been on numerous dates, even cooked for me. So i'm like everything is cool. The minute I say I'm trying to make sure you're always happy and glad we dating, she texts me saying she's not ready for a formal relationship. So I'm like I understand, that's cool. Got a text last night saying she's happy she's in my life and I'm like I'm happy I'm in yours, even if we're not boyfriend and girlfriend. Then she tells me she's not friendzoning me though. Why the sudden change or whatever you wanna call it cause the minute I got the "not ready for a relationship" text, another girl is like she can't wait to get to know me


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  • She's probably had bad passed relationships or is trying to focus on her life right now :) either that or she doesn't have the heart to completely friend zone you

    • well she's told me I've made her happier than before and I treat her better than other guys. So i'm like why not go for the relationship? I'm not gonna push it on her though because she told me she's not ready. the whole "not friendzoning me" is what got me cause now I'm like what does she want

    • I don't know I would suggest continuing the relationship and sheep probably let you know when she's ready :) good luck

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  • There are a number of possibilities. I suggest maybe bringing it up and seeing what the problem is. If she gets defensive, drop it and move on.

    Sometimes a girl doesn't want to put a label on things because there are other guys she's been going out with and she's not sure which one she wants. Or maybe she really isn't ready for a relationship and just wants to focus on herself


    This could help your situation, I think!

  • what? now you got me confused man. What other girl is like "she can't wait to get to know you?"

    • I had a girl text me saying she can't wait to get to know me better (this is a different girl)

    • Um, if this girl doesn't want a relationship with you, I don't see why talking to this other girl is a problem if that is what your asking. I think you may just want to be in a relationship with someone, and I don't see it wrong if you weren't anything with this first girl to be moving onto this other girl

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