First kiss help?

I have a boyfriend and I know that on our next date he is going to kiss me. This is something really new to me as I have never kissed anyone before. What do I do with my lips and hands? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciate because I have no clue and I don't want to mess it up!


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  • TELL HIM YOU'RE INEXPERIENCED!!! I literally can't stress this enough! if you tell him that you're nervous and haven't kissed anyone before he will understand, don't worry! The more you think about things when iy's happening, the more you'll stiffen up and not feel into things. Let him take control for this one, get to know the ropes and then go for it next time! Watch 'HowCast' videos online about 'how to kiss' and many other things, they helped me a lot when i had my first kiss! good luck and i expect to know how it goes!!;-) x

  • I know that everyone says this but it really will just come naturally. ARe you worried cos yo are above 18 and you think he'll expect you to know how to kiss?

    If there was advice that coul be witten down on how to do it it would be a bestseller. The reason there isn't one is because it's hard to explain!

    Best advice I could give you is relax, don't panic as that will stop you flinching away. Don't spend the whole date worrying about the kiss as itll make you really tense. He will most likely only give you a peck anyway in which case keep your lips relaxed and just apply gentle pressure and then pull away. If he goes for tounges just copy what he does. Let him take the lead if your not sure. Don''t worry about being perfect - if he really likes you he won't care about that. You won't mess up :) Have fun


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