Should I back off?

I've been dating a guy for a month now, he's 20. Things are smooth I guess, we've been intimate he still takes me out and stuff. He calls while he's at work, and we text here and there. He brought up the talk about relationships and said he would like to be in one eventually. Anyway, the last two days he tried to come over at 2 am, the 1st time he came we we'rent intimate, i stayed a long time in the bathroom on purpose. The 2nd time I basically didn't call him when i left the club on purpose because I dont want to continue a physical relationship if there's no gaurantee we will end up together. Plus i know he dates and probably sleeps with others. He is single. I wanted to invite him to Chicago though. Bad idea, or should I just fall back?


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  • you should back off.


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