How to go from dating to exclusive?

Like how and when do you start the convo. I know it is best to keep it casual and not pressure...


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  • Yeah, you need to ask him how he sees you and what he thinks about your relationship. You're probably both on the same page but some people don't want to say anything so they can play it cool in case the other person doesn't feel the same. Just be honest. Honestly is the most important thing.

    • Thanks. I'm pretty sure we are on the same page but I think he may not be completely sure I'm not seeing other people though we are both very open with our schedules to each other. I know he is the relationship kind of guy. He logs on to the dating site we met on every once and a while (as do I) but I think it is mainly to see if and when I've been on. Vicious cycle if he's getting on/ I'm getting on to see what the other is up to and assume it means we're still playing the field. Mainly we've been somewhat conservative in bed because the uncertainty is out there. I just want to be like look I think things are going well, I'm focused on seeing where this will go and I'm not interested in seeing any other people... or something to that effect casually just to clear the air.

    • That would be the perfect thing to say!! Go for it!

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  • ask him what you are, and see what he says.

    • No that's the exact thing to avoid= pressure.

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