Would you date a partner with an abusive past?

Would you or could you date someone that had a history of self harm (cutting, an eating disorder, etc.) or someone who had been sexually abused? Please explain why or why not?

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  • I'm already the insecure one with anxiety abd I really don't think I could support someone like that the way they would need a partner to.
    I'm anti conflict and never speak up so I wouldn't be able to help them and pull through and stuff...


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  • Yes I would. When I read the title I thought they abused their previous partners, in that case I wouldn't, but since it's self-harm/self-abuse yeah, I would date her.

  • If they had had eating disorders, Self harm and or had been sexually abused. Sure.
    If they CAUSED someone ELSE to self harm, Triggered eating disorders OR commited sexual abuse, Then no.

    I would only have respect for the victim ;)

    • Yeah I'm definitely talking about someone who self harmed or had and eating disorder, not someone that caused them. That would be terrible

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    • That makes a lot of sense :) I'm glad you're still around, stay strong

    • As to yourself matey.

  • We can't really control all the crazy bs that goes on in our lives. Every person has some kind of problems going on so when we get past those problems we shouldn't be completely defined by them. What happens in the past will be remembered but it doesn't have to be what's most important. That's why I would date someone who has had some issues.

    • So you wouldn't have a problem dating someone who went through that knowing that you may have to deal with everything that comes with it?

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    • Makes sense, thanks for the answer :)

    • @Asker No probz :)

  • depends if i really liked them or not


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