Anyone else feel this way about long term relationships?

I honestly feel like they're kind of a waste of time, and i'm open to discussion about all this

1: Lets say you meet a nice girl, things go great, you talk about marriage, you're 4 years into the relationship and even living together, then suddenly she cheats and you leave her.

In those 4 years you could have found THE wife material that would have never left you and stayed with you forever. but you'll never know cause you spent all your energy into this girl.

2: same as # 1 but lets say she doesn't cheat and you guys end up married and happily ever after (serious, no fights or break ups ever)

well you're missing out on the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of hot 8-10s out there that you could mess around with and have fun with (both sex and just normal fun) but you would never know cause you're tied down to one girl

I used to be an anti social guy but i've been going out more and my mind = blown at all of the potential awesome long term friends you could meet out there, just by stepping outside and talking to people at a big social event (concert, some sort of gaming con, etc etc)

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  • sometimes long term relationships DO end up in marriage and happiness for forever.
    not all relationships end up on someone cheating. but i do get what you mean.

    • thats what i mean by # 2. lets say a couple does get married. both the girl and guy end up missing out on having fun (sex and non sex fun) with a lot of very cool people out there. and you can't seriously tell me that the partner one is married to will be the most fun person ever (both sex fun and non sex fun)

    • what if they have the wild and crazy and sexy fun together?
      or what if they've already got it in before they settled down. haha!
      i totally get what ur saying. its only human to wonder what its like to be with other people when you're with one person for the rest of your life. but that doesn't mean its not worth it :)

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  • Try open relationships.


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  • I think as you get older you value long term relationships more and more. Can you guarantee that you won't break up at some point? No. But that's no reason to be a coward towards love. The benefits always outweigh the risks if you genuinely care about the other person.

  • This is kind of whats wrong with the dating generation right now. We are always looking for something better because we live in all of these choices, so by not trying to get to know people better we are maybe missing out on the loves of our lives.

  • Thing is, that'll rarely happen. And if you go in with that attitude, of course your dating life will suck buckets

  • Yes when relationships fail you will always feel regret, and feel like you wasted your time but it obviously worth it in the beginning or you wouldn't have gotten into a relationship. It's always in our control to decide when a relationship is getting unhealthy or not going anywhere and it's our responsibility to get out of it. As for missing out on a bunch of 8-10's not everyone wants to get laid that much so either you want a long term relationship (successful or not) or you sleep around and never take your life seriously. Everyone has the freedom to choose. What's the point of living if you're going to make regrets later? Just kindly accept a fail as a learning experience and move on. No need to overthink things

  • Your age range is 18-24, I do not mean to be condescending or anything but your are young. If you don't want to have a long term relationship then don't. Have fun you are young. Having fun is fine. Date and have fun. I do not think there is anything wrong with your take on long-term relationships. Maybe one day you might find someone while you're dating and decide that long-term relationships are fun aswell, with the right girl.

  • i do too..


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