Do I sound like a late bloomer or underachiever?

I did some community college but never really focused on it full time. Didn't know what I wanted to do. Ended up getting into a serious relationship.. paid my way through the police academy at 20 to 21. My relationship turned toxic really distracted me ended up failing a test at the academy and inreturn I couldn't continue. I'm now starting college at 22. I'm 30 units into my engineering degree and work as a personal trainer on the side. Really into fitness want to look really good well past my prime. I probabaly won't graduate till I'm 27. In between then and there I plan to go back to the academy as a reserve and do it part time finishing what I started. Live on my own with roomates..


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  • Are you the same guy that keeps asking this question several times every few months?

    If you are,
    My advice remains the same as the previous one that I gave you (less detailed though).

    27 is still really young!
    You're not even half way through your life span at that point.
    Better people start their careers in their late 20s-early thirties.
    You have nothing to worry about.

    In my community college there were people ranging from 18-50s in the same class as me.
    The older people were not ashamed.
    Because of their age, they had more maturity and took the classes very seriously.
    They seemed passionate about their studies.
    "The race is not for the fastest it is for the swiftest".

    As long as you get it done, and accomplish things is what really matters.
    At 27 you are no where near retirement age.
    You still have your life ahead of you!
    Put all this energy into acing all of your work instead of worrying about age.

  • late bloomer.


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