He told me the last girl he dated was "too demanding"?

The guy I'm currently dating said this to me at one point during our second date. He said that's why he broke it off. I feel like it's a bit of a relative term, so I was wondering what would lead you guys to consider a date "demanding" to the point that it's a dealbreaker? I mean, for example, some people might think texting just for the sake of checking in everyday when dating is clingy behavior, while others would actually prefer it. I've never been called clingy or demanding myself, but I was just curious.


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  • Probably he didn't give her enough attention (playing too much xbox, spent all his time with friends, etc) and she got mad. This is a warning sign, watch out.

    • Eh, you just described my ex... minus the friends part. Now that... that was awful.

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    • That's a great attitude! :)

    • Yeah, I think I might have made a bit of an error though.. I invited him over to watch movies this weekend, but we only have tvs in the bedrooms, and he lives like 40 minutes away. I mean, our first kiss was on our fifth date last week, but my goal in inviting him over wasn't to make him think that I'm ready for that next level of intimacy yet.

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  • My boyfriend broke up with his ex for the same reason basically.. she was demanding and wanted to be taken care of.. basically she expected more from him than she was willing to put in. I know through mutual friends that she was really like that though so I'm good haha

    I think the threshold is gonna be different for every guy... Personally, I've always tried to be fair with people and I don't place expectations on my boyfriend, friends or anyone else that I'm not able or willing to fulfill myself. Seems to work out.

    • I mean, if he drives up to see me (he's 40 minutes away) I make sure to pay for him, and vice versa. If I buy the tickets to the movies, he pays for lunch. When I initiated our first hug, he initiated one on our next date and kissed me on our fifth. The only thing I'm worried about is that he's the one who always takes the initiative when planning for our next date (I was going to ask him to come fishing with me sometime, but he asked me before I could.. lol). We've been on five dates in three weeks, with a sixth one on Wednesday to see a movie near his house.

      It's probably too early to think about it, but I'm just not sure what to make of any of it since he's going off to Europe for school in the fall (he's working towards his Ph. D.), but we actually started talking with one another online when I was away at school myself for four months.

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  • Always wanting to go out somewhere. Gets upset if I don't text them for a day. Always wants gifts etc


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  • He was trying to warn you he would dump you if you became clingy

    • Erm.. I mean that's fair. But it kind of makes me nervous about initiating anything or what kind of pace he wants to go at. Our sixth date is in two days and he finally kissed me on our last date.. before that, I had to initiate our first hug on our third date but he seemed uncomfortable (told me he didn't do PDA), and on the fourth he gave me one. It's funny though, because he isn't touchy-feely or anything, but he kissed me in a very public place.

    • Maybe he likes you?

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