Came off the wrong way, How can I fix this?

So basically there is this girl at work I went on a few dates with and we had an amazing time she said, kisses a few times etc... but after that the next day we worked together later in the night I realized that I was kind of orbiting her and keeping a close eye on her which she noticed cuz all the other guys talk and try to get with her. since that night she cancelled the next day and I apologized and she said I was fine! But we made plans for a few days later and the night before she said it was still a go but come that day she cancelled and offered Sunday. come sat night July 4th i text her happy 4th and told her what I had planned for our 3pm time and she said okay ill letcha know and never got back to me. Is there any way I can fix this and get back to how we were. Her texting changed a lot since that night but she did still text me first sometimes. But yeah its now Monday and she never text me on Sunday at all and we dont work together again until Saturday.


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  • Don't try talking to her anymore, stop making the effort you already fucked up. I'm not saying ignore her, but if she really likes you she'll notice that you aren't in her life anymore and she'll try to change that.


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