Girls, What would you think if your boyfriend did this for you?

So my girlfriend has just had a tragetdy happen in her family.
Her grandma died who she loved very much, and a few days later her aunt and two cousins were killed in a car crash, and her brother is in a coma.
She told me that she needs some time to get herself together because she feels like her life is crashing.
So I respected that and told her that I would give her space and that I love her so much and am there for here when every she needs me.
What would you guys think if I wrote her a well thought out letter, once a day, and emailed it to her every single day, telling her how much i love her, how im there for her, and some encouraging words to help her stay strong?
What would you think if your man did this for you.
A letter a day.


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  • It's a great idea because it allows you to remain present, but still respect her need for space, however, if you get no response to a letter or none of them or she doesn't want you to write, you'll have to try not to get affected by that. Grief and pain are difficult times for all of us, and people don't always respond the way you would or you'd think they would. It may be hard for you if you feel like you're writing all of this and she isn't responding in anyway. Best of luck to the both of you.

    • yeah she messaged me saying tht the letters make her smile and feel better.

    • That's awesome. Keep at it then!

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  • I think that I certainly WISH I had a man that would even write me a letter. Better yet, multiple letters especially at the breaking point of my life when I feel like I need a pick me up and encouragement the most. Personally, I think its a very generous thought and I would love it if somebody did that for me during my hardest times.
    I wouldn't expect her to return your emails right away because she is going through such a crisis in her life and im sure the last thing on her mind is checking and responding to emails, but when she does see that you have been thinking of her and concerned for her happiness, then she will be greatly appreciative and thankful to see that she does still have somebody in her life that cares for her immensely! :)
    Such a sweet gesture! I say you should go for it! and Good luck to you and I wish her an easy recovery over her awful loss in her family

    • I will do it. She is the girl i wanna marry, and i dont expect a return, if she just reads them and smiles, that will make my world.
      Thank you for your opinion it means a lot, you seem like a sweet girl.

    • Thank You very much! And she is very lucky to have a sweet man like you that is doing such a thoughtful gesture to help her get through her hard times! Bless the both of you!

    • Back at ya, glad to know that you are living up to your user name :)

  • That would be so cute, and i know i would definietely appreciate it. I think maybe you should show up at her door in a few days, not like right away or anything, with some roses or something, and just hug her as soon as she opens the door. Let her know you're there for her, and if she wants to talk about it, you're willing to listen. Hope i helped. :)

  • I would feel loved and thankful that he didn't forget about me. Makes me feel like I am on his mind even throughout the tough times.

  • It sounds like a good idea. It depends on how close you were. How long you've been together. But I'd go for it if I were you.

  • This is adorable, and she will feel very grateful