Guys, so this guy im dating should I ask if were exclusive or do I wait for him to?

so weve been talking for about a month and a half.. I've met his family and close cousins. had about 4 dates last three were this past fri through Sunday..4th of July weekend. he made the trips to come pick me up/drop me off home each time.. he tells people im his date so thats clear. nothing physical accept yesterday we had our first kiss , small pecks goodbye, felt right but he hasn't asked me to be his girlfriend. we have lots of similar taste in music which impresses the both of us.. he stares a lot at me ill catch him and he;ll play it off. we were playing GTA and we both knocked out.. no spooning for a good moment we did cuddle face to face not sure if u know what i mean.. HOW DO I ASK FOR CLARIFICATION WITHOUT MAKING HIM FEEL PRESSURED? he does impress me a lot with opening my car door not letting me pay for anything

  • time to question where he wants it to go?
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  • go with the flow hell ask me out soon?
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  • You can't bring it up without making him feel pressured. Seriously the "where is this going" question is such a turn off.

    Ask him to be your boyfriend instead. Be sweet and/or playful about it. Or just wait for it to happen normally.

  • You can ask or wait for him to ask or just go with the flow