What does this mean when a guy puts this up on his dating profile for what he's looking for or his intent?

I ran across this on a dating website and a guy wrote this as his intent or what he's looking for what does it mean?
'wants to date but nothing serious'
doea that mean he's looking for friends with benefits? Or what?

by the way thanks in advance to all those of you that answer. :)


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  • Doesn't really mean anything. People put that up on their dating profiles all the time so they don't appear needy but most people do want a deep sexual and emotional relationship. The only way you'll know for sure is to go on dates and find out for yourself.

    • Thanks as I wasn't sure.

  • "Casual dating" ie when you go on dates with someone, but don't get serious. Or friends with benefits. He's not looking for a girlfriend or wife.

    • Thanks for your answer. Is there a possibility if he gets over this "casual dating thing" he might go back to an ex who was the best thing he ever had. Or will keep his new playboy way?

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    • My gut says he may be trying to keep you around as "backup" or something.

      Why do you keep texting him every day?

    • Why would he want to keep me around as a backup as I am better than a backup and I don't text him everyday as he does text me a lot still too. As tonight he asked me through text what my weekend plans were and he told me and he added maybe (than typed my city) and added this :) what is that suppose to mean is he planing to come see me? And was that a yes that he is coming?

  • Probably means that he's not looking to get married or start a serious relationship anytime soon. Could be because he's busy with things IRL or because he just wants fun. Could mean a myriad of things.

  • 'wants to date but nothing serious' = wants to fuck without commitment.

    • Thanks for your answer

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