OK so there this pretty young thing at the gym as legs and ass, 5,5 caramel skin, I'm same color 5,7 getting lean and muscles getting toned and stick out my shirt. Anyways I really like this girl I was the one who approached her while working some ab work out got her name just talked about random stuff before the conversation went soar I decided to leave with an impression and dismissed my self. Said bye nice to know u see u around. On a Thursday I seen her decided to talk to her and see if she would like to get a abs workout in. And she did. Between the good 3 minutes we worked out we had a good conversation about dislikes and like and rondo things obviously about ab work out as well. Between these conversations I blushed like 3 times didn't look away. And blushed like twice looking down at the ground with a big smile. After the ab workout she said OK I'm leaving I was like OK bye.. while opening the door she said stay strong. In, my head I was like wtf But didn't reply. It been 2 weeks now everytime I see her she ignores me doesn't look at me. Only say hi when I do. But when I say hi I want to ask her to get a work out in with me but she doesn't give me the chance because she looks away to quickly and walks off. I have notice that when I pass by her and her friend they whisper and giggle. Her friend is the one that looks at me more maybe to see if I check out the girl I like. I work out around them not to close but enough for them to notice I'm around , she does that aswell. All this happens at night because I go to the gym at night. Anyway yesterday she was working out next to me. I wanted to start a conversation but she was on her phone and with both head phones on. Like fuck that I'm not going to submit like a bitch. So I didn't say nothing. Now I don't know what to do I want to back off. Thing is I don't know if she will talk to me. Sucksss help. She's like an alpha female just a thought?
The above workout I go with her was 30 minutes not 3


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  • She's not into you.
    As anon said, back off.

    • Well when ever I leave the stretching she leaves as well and works out, around me. I go back and she goes back. I did that on purpose last night. I think there only one way to find out if she into me. But I don't know how to ask inderectly. Mayb flirt? Or gaze or what? Any advise?

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  • She seems like she was interested but felt like you were just a workout buddy who is a nice guy

    • Yes exactly my though the Nice guy. I will try to talk to her get to the pysichal as soon as possible and not be placed on the friends zone. Or mayb just back of create like a mysticness. ? Any thoughts. She would not go late to the gym but I did mention to her I go after 945 pm kinda weird she started showing up at the same time I was getting there. This been going one for 2 weeks

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    • Yeah she's not interested. I I didn't go up to her because she was on the tread mill walking. But we made direct eye contact. I took advantage, gave her signs let go work out abs and to come to me. She had a smile what ever, but she just turned around. I kept walking. So I left to work on some dumb bells and I saw she was looking around the room she spotted me and turned into the room that leads to the sauna. I'dk, was up with this chick, but I will officially back off ignore her.

    • If you think she's not interested then by all means back off, but this is just me it sounds like she likes the attention and wants you to follow her it's a game of cat and mouse and while I agree that you shouldn't chase a girl if you are interested in her you don't want to leave her hanging dry be persistent when she comes around you don't follow her let her come to you that's all you can do unless you just ultimately want to stop trying

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  • just back off.


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  • Leave her alone. She clearly isn't interested in you.


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