Should I send her a love letter?

My crush is giving me the impression that she's leaning towards going back to her ex out of fear of starting over. I'm a bit shy to make a move when it's only been about 6 weeks since her breakup. We're good friends and have been confiding in each other. We've been flirting a bit since her breakup and have always gotten along real well over the years. We both had secret crushes on each other and admited them last year when we got drunk.

Anyways, I'm not sure if she knows I still like her or if she thinks I got over her. But I'm scared if I don't act soon, she's going to take him back and give him yet another chance. The guy's had about 5 so far breaking up with her over and over again the past 2 years but then apologizes and she takes him back.

I wrote a letter earlier today to kind of put my thoughts in perspective and help get everything out of my head. The letter describes what I felt for her last year when we admitted our feelings for one another, how I feel today and how I had to let her know how I felt before she gives bozo another chance. In my heart, I think she could be the one.

Now I'm debating if it's a good idea to give it to her or not. Would it mean something to you if you're old crush told you he still likes you and would like a chance to be with you or would that just creep you out and make things awkward?
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  • If you really want to tell her how you feel, tell her. Don't wait for "someday", because someday could be too late. You never know when she will accept that other guy, and the relationship might work out much better than it ever has. You never know what to expect, so override expectation. Take action. Tell her you love her before its too late. Of course, in the end this is all your choice, but if you feel like she is the one, then don't let your doubt get the best of you. Your love for her should override your doubt. It would mean a lot to me if a guy sent me a letter like that, in this situation. If she rejects you, there's the pride in knowing that you tried. Do what you like--but do what's best for you. :)

    • Very insightful considering your young age. If I do give her the letter, I hope she feels the way you described you would feel. I'm just so scared of spooking her off. I really wish there was a way of getting inside her head to know how she would respond. There are days I think she still likes me, and there are other days where she's more distant. I know she's unsure about what to do with her ex. They have a lot of history, but they are just so wrong for each other. At the very least, I hope she's flattered by the letter if I give it to her.

    • Thank you :)

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  • Send one if its cute

    • It's got a bit of everything. Cute, romantic, from the heart, inside jokes.

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