Best way to respond confidently when a woman rejects your romantic advances?

I want to ask out this woman I've known for two months. I actually asked her out the first time we met because she was being very flirty, bumping into me on "accident", etc, but she didn't say yes right away and seemed kinda shocked, so I just changed the subject without her giving me an answer. Since then we've become friends, but I've also made sure to keep things flirty, tease her, and make her chase me and come up to me when she wants my attention.

I would say I'm as sure as I can be without asking her out that she's interested. She doesn't shy away from me touching her or her touching me longer than necessary, we tease each other a lot in a playful way, I've given her a nickname/pet name that only I call her, and she seems to make sure I don't get to much alone time with other ladies.

Anyway, I plan on being direct and to the point, and tell her I want her and we're going out. I'm pretty sure she'll say yes, but if for some reason she doesn't what's a good response to keep out friendship from becoming awkward? The rejection doesn't bother me, but I'm not sure what to say if she says no and I don't want to end up saying something dumb like "oh... ok... bye" if she says no.

Any ideas?


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  • If she says no to the date. Laugh it off and say 'so it will be just sex than'. You will both be laughing.


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  • i avoid and ignore her... take her off my plane of thought now and forever


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