Should I stop texting this girl?

We went on a date yesterday which we both acknowledged was fun. She sent me a picture after the date and also friend requested me on facebook.

So I asked her yesterdayevening if she'd like to go for another date to the beach on Thursday. She didn't respond for hours and said:
"I can't because I am working then, tomorrow I will talk to my boss about my workdays though".
This morning I replied "Oh okay. Have a nice day :)". Which got ignored.

So I figured I'd ask her if I can call her later on in the day, she replied an hour later "I can't right now, I am at work".

I am thinking of just giving up now because she hasn't talked since that last text. And hasn't given me alternative dates/options.

Do you think I should move on?
It is funny though, it seemed asif she postponed 'opening' my whatsapp messages so I would not get offended. But she had been online to chat to others.


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  • you should if she doesn't reach out. you shound't have to do all the reaching out. makes her seem uninterested and too busy.

    • You mean I shouldn't reach out right?

      That's what I thought. It really sucks though, because I liked her. Sigh.

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    • Well she got back to me. We have a date Sunday evening ;)

      I guess she was just busy playing hard to get and stuff. She must really like me then ^^

    • yay!! thats awesome :D

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  • People don't response to text straight away, some even don't have a mobile. (I will be screw when I start dating again as I don't have a mobile). People can't seem to live without texting each other all the time. Have you thought of picking up the phone and asking her out?

    • O no she read my texts allright.

      We have already been out and I already did ask her out again yesterday.

      I know she is busy that's why I was probing for a timeframe in that I would be able to call her.

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