Is it weird if a 17 yo girl dates a 22 yo guy and the guy is a virgin but the girl is experienced?

I mean really?


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  • The only weird thing is the age difference. Kinda gross.

    • i am not gross i am very clean and hygiene so is she

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    • um she is legal I am not so stupid as to have relations with an underage girl. She is in high school but has more sex/relationship experience than me..

      Let me aware you on the definition of gross:

      Gross: inspiring disgust or distaste

      Disgust: a feeling of revulsion or profound disapproval aroused by something unpleasant or offensive.

      Just because you see this age different and gives you a feeling of revulsion and unpleasantness does not mean that the majority of people will. I do not know why this gives you this sensation but I will let you know that my intentions are nothing short of the best. I base this off of a mutual feeling of compatibility, trust, integrity, and compassion towards a person I have a great fondness for. I will not let your comments make me feel guilty for wanting to love and care for someone, because in my eyes to love someone is never a sin.

    • Alright, but a persons sexual experiences don't justify anything. If a 15 year old has had sex with other 15 year olds that doesn't make it ok for a 30 year old.
      Do what you want I guess, as long as she's legal in your state I guess that makes it ok.
      The 5 year age difference only matters now. She's a child and you're an adult. When you're both adults the age difference won't matter so much

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  • ehhh if dont have sex till ur 18 then its socially not a big deal... well mostly 4 year difference some find odd

    • funny i read an article that said 4 years was ideal

    • really? well i mean I've heard its better if the girls older.

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  • I don't think so, I mean personally, I'm 14 and I have dated an 18 year old!!!

  • I personally think it's a bit odd but that's just me.

    • she is the aggressive one! not me. i have only kissed girls before, never touched a breast, vagina, etc. She has done all this. The roles are opposite than you would think.

  • Not exactly weird, nope.

  • No not really


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  • It's odd but as long as it's legal and she's consenting I don't see a problem. 10 years down the line that age gap would mean nothing.

  • no but the girl is a slut ;)


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