Should I send this message?

I slept with my friend who I like.
He knows I like him & we have slept together before.
He was on a break from his girlfriend but then when he got back with her told me to forget about it and blocked me on Facebook but we have since become close friends.
This time was different, they have been broken up a few weeks, he knows how I feel, we've been messaging and after he said "I'm not taking advantage of you".
He hasn't messaged me as much since and I want to say something, can I say:

"Are you going to get back with her & then we just pretend we never slept with each other, like last time? Just don't block me on Facebook this time haha"

or should I wait till we are both back at uni, sus out the situation and say something else?


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  • Tbh that sounds kind of shallow. That message I mean.
    I don't think he's worth it, and it seems like him and his girlfriend like each other, regardless of how many times they fight.
    I do think he was taking advantage of you considering he slept with you after he took a break from his boyfriend and right when they got together he pretended it never happened and blocked you he probably needed someone to do it with or someone to let his feeling pour out into.


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  • Ew, you can do way better than him. What on earth are you doing trying to waste your time with a person like him? He is taking advantage of you.

  • When in doubt, the best thing to say is usually nothing at all.

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