What does she in me?

In terms of looks this girl is way out of my league. I don't even understand it. Personality wise she is an exciting outgoing girl. I just see myself as your average guy. I have people comment on how beautiful she is all the time and ask how I pulled that off. Now I understand personality is important to girls but this case I don't know what she sees there as I just consider myself average. All in all it doesn't matter but I would like some insight.


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  • Girls are simple. You most likely treat her very well, compliment her, make her laugh.
    At the right time if you do these things a girl will fall for you.

    But if you want her exact reasons, you have to ask her of course.

  • don't have such lack of confidence in urself its unattractive.. just be cool, who cares. enjoy while u can :)


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