How to meet girls when you start working full time?

Just finished uni a couple months ago and started my first real full time job last month. I'm really liking the job, the past several weeks I've been getting used to the whole routine of things. I've been off the market for a while, but now that I'm getting settled into my new lifestyle I think it's time to get back out there. Right now it seems like dating wise I'm a bit down on my luck. I've been so busy with school, travelling, and starting up the new job that I'm a bit rusty on playing the whole single and ready to mingle game.

Back in uni it was easy meeting new people. There were classes, events, pub nights, or you could just go to student lounges and hangout with whoever was there. Nowadays the only people I socialize with are people from work (I'm not planning on dating any coworkers anytime soon), or friends from uni. All I can really do now is go out to bars and clubs on weekends, and if I do meet somebody while out drinking it just turns into a hookup.

I do plan to visit my uni since I still live nearby and most of my friends are still students anyway, but there's nothing much to do there until September rolls around. For now I need to find other prospects.


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  • ask friends to set you up.


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  • I get what you mean man. It's cool if you frequent bars or clubs whatever you like but my only advice is to stay active. Backpack with a couple of friends whenever you have time. Also, if you have friends out of your state do sleep overs, go out on that area and meet people outside of your own area. That way you'll have more options for meetups or even full friend gatherings in other places.


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