Age gap?

I'm dating a guy that's 27 and I'm 18

what do you think about it?

its weird because I have never liked older guys do you think he takes me seriously


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  • You sound like my parents. Big deal with age- it's just a number. If you're both mature enough to have a relationship, than it's no ones right to judge that. Older guys are more mature and will probably treat you better.

    • Okay yeah I don't have a problem with it but none of my friends are supportive they think I'm a freak because he's "old" he doesn't even look it..

    • Well, when you're treated better... he's not playing games.. and you're having better sex, you can have the last laugh.

    • Thats a good way to see it lol he's really nice and I feel so judged

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  • There was a large gap between me and my ex , and it was the best relationship I've had , he treated me well and showed me a lot of respect. The age gap sounds big because your still a teenager , when your in your 20/30's tell someone the age gap and they would not bat an eyelid.

    If your happy with him , and he treat's you right then tell don't care what people think.

    • Okay good way to see it.

      what was the age gap between you and him?

      like all my friends are like eww blah blah

      he doesn't even look it!

    • 10 years between us , yeah all my friends where like dude that's gross , but there "teenage" boyfriends where playing them behind their backs, and being whatever.

      Don't let other people put you off


    • Okay good way to see it

      he does treat me so much better than every other young guy

      and wait how did you tell your parents I have been avoiding them meeting

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