Guys, We've already had sex but he wants to take it slow because his last relationship didn't go well from rushing into having a label right away?

I started sort of seeing this guy in April. I knew that he had recently gotten out of a short term relationship with another girl (she broke up with him). I should probably start from the beginning...

We met in February. I was meeting up with a friend of mine at work, and because it was a secured building, I couldn't actually go in. I had to wait in the security area of the building for her to come out. I was waiting for about 20 or so minutes when these two guys walked in (to go into the building) and I asked them if they knew "A girl named KD", and one of the guys smiled at me and said "There's only one KD that I know! One sec"
A few moments later, he came back and said "I'm sorry... KD can't come out and play right now" in a sort of sassy tone which got me to thinking about him. When KD game out about 20 or so minutes later, she told me about that guy named Tony, said he was a great person and that I probably knew him from when I worked there about a year and a half previously.

So, I messaged him on Facebook after finding out his name, and we talked for a bit and even made plans, which he then cancelled on me making up some excuse or other about work. Not too long after that, he became Facebook-official with a girl and I kept my distance respecting that he was in a relationship and that he obviously didn't want to hang out with me because he knew I was interested in him. About 2 months after he became official with that girl, she broke up with him. So, I once again messaged him on Facebook and made plans to hang out with him at his place and have a few drinks.

I liked him, and I wasn't intending upon making moves on him or anything. We were sitting on his bed watching a movie and then all of a sudden he said "I'm willing to bet that you're ticklish" and he started tickling me, then put his arm around me. At one point he he turned his face to me and gave me a kiss, which then led into an intense make-out. I felt as though he t


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  • Incomplete. 😂😂😂
    LOL... Anyway... He seems to be a charming guy... get to know him better.. Etc etc... Blah blah... Basically he needs a serious long term relationship... So yeah, so you got to take things slowly... spend more time together talking... go out.. do shopping... etc etc you know. Not to hurry like straight to sex... so keep it calm and take this slowly :)
    I once fuckedup because of rushing... so yeah :)

  • Looks like you hit the character limit


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