What is coming off too strong?

Like as far as actions or words what would that be?


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  • I think if a guy barely knows me and we're talking and he's like "hey babe," or something of that type, that would be coming off wayyy to strong and it's a big turn off. I really dislike when guys assume they can talk to me like they're my boyfriend or something just because I'm being nice and talking to them. Many guys go sooo quickly, when I haven't even expressed if I was interested (or not) in him yet!

    • Haha that's why I'm A gentlemen but Like I was thinking about introducing myself to this girl I like an I was gonna bake her something nice do you think that's coming off strong?

    • If you guys haven't officially met, then baking something for her would be kind of fast.

    • Baking thing isn't strong, but rather too quick bro, id say go to a club = funnest places ever

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  • Like when guys start asking you about stuff that you aren't really comfortable talking about with anyone is definitely comingo on too strong.

  • Texting or calling all the time, being all over her when you barely know her, to many sexual inuendos anything that would make you think a girl is a slut basically is exactly what girls consider coming on strong


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