Girls, will it sound creepy or reckless if I tell the women i'm dating that I love to have sex for fun?

at first i thought that this may be the most negative thing to say to a date, till one night when to go visit the strip club. i was there all night bored at first till suddenly a really hot stripper approached me and offered me a lapdance. she was so damn hot that there really wasn't a possible way for me to say no.

so after i agreed she took me backstage where the strippers give their customers their lapdances. on our way there she was trying to be friendly and trying to get to know me better and whatever. she was also really digging my hair style i had at that time. so as we were talking i remember she asked me what do i like to do for fun, and i was pretty much speechless for the first five seconds, till all of the sudden she blurs out "sex?" and i was like "yea i wish" and then she replies " with that sexy hair style of yours, this is no doubt something you do a lot" and whatever.

so now that i look back i was thinking that since casual sex is all i want right now that maybe it won't such a bad idea to be somewhat straightforward. i mean yes, not all women out there might have the same mentality of a stripper, but we are in the year 2015 and is no longer a crime for women to show their freak side. at least to me it isn't.

so anyways, what do you think? should i tell the women i'm dating this? and if yes how exactly do i word it without sounding too perverted?


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  • Um,

    You're fucked, and also: strippers will tell you you're sexy so you tip them. It's part of their stage persona, they don't give a shit about you.

    Also, if you're "dating" someone, what you did was also fucked up. If you only want casual sex, don't date. Just fuck people.

    • what you mean " Just fuck people?"

      i'm not a rapist you know, and i won't just fuck any random chick out there. dating is a little necessary component here in order for me to get to know the person first

    • When I say fuck, I never meant rape. Thus why I didn't say "rape" people, that's your own messed up perception. I would suggest if casual sex is your only requirement that you make it obvious.

    • i am trying to make it obvious, but no so damn obvious to the point that i'll make me sound like a creep. you know, i wanna make it sound obvious in a civilized manner

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  • I always believed that stating your intentions and what you expect from a relationship so both people were on the same page was important. I also think that there's a time and place to say that. It shouldn't be random and shouldn't be inappropriate. You could always just ask what she's expecting. It could be somewhat serious conversation but how else can you know if she's willing for casual sex?

    • that's exactly what i was thinking. but how exactly should i bring up?

      do i do it somewhat like the stripper. you know like if she ask me for what i like to do for fun i would reply like... "i love to party, workout, play basketball, play video games and have casual sex" for example

  • um if you guys are serious, ask her for her opinion first. If it's just a fling thing then just ask if she'd like to

  • Creapy man, just creapy! ;(


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