Not to offend anyone , but are us white guys taking over the dating game or what? Are we the best?

I think so. I can't count on my fingers and toes how many times non white women have told me they only mess with us or how they love us, even more than their own race, matter of fact some hate the guys of their race and find them unattractive , ( I have nothing to do with that) Not trying to offend anyone but I think we're top shelf and we're the best. Anyone else agree?
Its great to be the best.
I know we are the best because everyday I see a post about how every race of woman wants us most of all lol. We're the kings!!!


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  • I don't find white guys attractive... And I'm not saying that just to make you mad.. Im honest I just don't find them attractive... Only if they are half white and half Mexican or half black... You know what I'm sayingvbvggggghh

    • Sure okay but we're the best

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    • Lol I know right!! But hey one girl agree with me 👍

    • I'll give you that.

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  • Well from what i've seen in my personal life, I'd say that white men do pretty well in the dating world yes. I know in my own life, i was partly pushed into dating interracially just due to the sheer number of black women who only wanted to date a white guy, so i had to change what my preferences were a bit over time, which turned out working very well for me. Also based on a lot of the stats revealed by dating websites who have millions of user data their disposal, white guys tend to be the most preferred group of men, and its not really something that comes to any particular surprise to me because in this society, white people are still used as the standard of beauty... so a lot of people are going to want to be as close to you as possible. Now, your success as a white man doesn't really have much bearing on my own personal success, but its pretty clear to me that white guys start with a natural advantage when it comes to dating


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  • Personally white guys are nothing special to me. I mostly date white guys, but that's only because where I live, I don't have many other options. I'd date any race. I find all races cute/attractive. White guys are not the most attractive. No race is more attractive than another. You're not the best. You're just what media brainwashes people to think is the best. I'm just giving a reality check, not trying to be mean. People need to stop putting others on a pedestal.

    • Its not my fault we're the best. and even in more diverse areas, non white women will still pick us over other men all the time everytime. not my fault.

    • Okay... obviously you're a troll. Goodbye.

    • Nope just speaking the truth.

  • May be. I'm seeing more interracial couples on YouTube and Facebook!

    • I think we are. Most non white women these days will shun their own for a chance with us...

    • He he I wouldn't say shun but it's more affection on y'alls end and it's more of a compromise then a do it or I'm leaving situation if that makes sense.

  • Spanish guys are hotter rawer. I'd take a dark skinned man over a white guy any day yuck.😖


What Guys Said 1

  • I was the first Asian guy that every white woman I have dated had dated, and so far, they have all become converts. So my answer to your question is a resounding no.


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