Good or bad first date idea?

We met through a friend 2 weeks ago but not in person. We've been texting non stop and we are going out tonight. Here's what I have planned (just a guideline and spontaneity overrules) she is meeting me at the park. I'm gonna be waiting outside for her to arrive and once she gets there I will greet her with a hug and compliment her. Then I will open the truck door for her. I bought her a picture book of the outdoors and sunrises and stuff. It's from national geographic and she will love it as she's an outdoorsy girl. and Loves the sunset and sunrises. The book is even orange and that's her favourite colour plus she loves reading. we will drive and get ice cream and then head back to the park. We will go for a walk around the lake and play fun question games or truth or dare something like that. And I will tease her a little bit and flirt and then end it by walking her to her car and going in for theh kiss. Good or bad first date?


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  • Don't try to plan too much. you're subconciously putting her on higher pedestal!
    Just let it be, i would say at least go for a coffee in late afternoon, then proceed from there.


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  • somehow manage to cu

    • somehow manage to cuddle, then try to do so. usually kissing a girl on the neck or on her cheek will make her more comfortable about being kissed. (sorry about that comment there earlier. phone glitched)

  • sounds good!

    • We've talked about sex and stuff and she's actually the one who initiated the second conversations. I'm a bigger guy not like fat and obese but husky and strong. Powerlifter and hit the gym everyday but she's super gorgeous!! What are the odds she's thinking of sex on the first date?

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  • Not bad. Not bad at all.


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