Why do I feel this way?

Why do I feel like when I get older I won't have a boyfriend/husband and I'll just waddle away in my sorrow until I die? I'm only 15 and I'm so negative and non-optimistic about my future and I don't know why? Everyone I know has a boyfriend or someone who cares about them and I guess that bothers me leading me to believe I'll be alone forever? I don't know some opinions would help


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  • You really wanna know why?

    It's because you keep comparing your life to other peoples. You're putting value in one life over the other. You're 15. Stop it. There's more to being that age than having a love life. I mean if you find one, then great. But if you can't, then don't feel bad. Very rarely do people truly die alone. Meet people, have friends, and HAVE FUN. Take action and stop complaining.


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  • You are 15!

    My brother met his girlfriend when he was 20. She was his first girlfriend, first love and first everything. They are married with a child and have been together for 15 years now! my point? He was an attractive young guy but was always passed over by girls for the more bad boy types... he held out and got the woman of his dreams as his first girlfriend.


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