Is this going to work out?

I've known this girl for only a year. I'm in middle school. We have all the same classes. During English class sometimes she would give me body language indicating that she liked me and during science I would smile at her sometimes and she would smile back. On the last day of school she gave me her number. The next day I texted and I started flirting with her (massively) and continued this for 3 days until we finally said that we both liked each other. And this is during summer while texting each other. We text each other every day, but is this going to work out. We said that we liked each other but this was after school ended and we have to wait until school starts up again to see each other. During texting we decided that we were going to date when school started up. Is this going to work out? 5 more weeks until school starts and I'm not sure if we'll even date even though we said we would. First of all I never thought that she would like me. Second she has/had a boyfriend in France and said she didn't like him anymore. Third she went to France for vacation. I'm ugly as f*ck and she likes me and she is really cute. There are a lot of differences between us too. Especially in height. In like 1 1/2 foot taller than her
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  • I think it might work out if you put effort to start dating and have a relationship. I would say to at least try because even if she rejects you it will be a whole new school year and more chances on getting a girl😊


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  • i don't see y not.
    first of all she went to france for other reasos maybe. not for him. and wot makes u believe u r ugly? u might not, accordin to her.
    also since she gave u her #, then it means she's interested... otherwise i don't see any reason y she would give it if she wasn't

    • She went to France to visit her grandparents. If you saw my face you would say I'm ugly. Especially since I'm going through puberty and hormones=acne

    • oh relax dude... almost every teen goes through acne often.. it's not x-treme

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  • What if you get most votes to option B? that it will not work out? What ya gonna do? Kill your self? Kid, don't be stupid. If you like her and if she likes you... give a try. YOU GOT NOTHING TO LOSE!!
    Just a tip, don't come too strong, she will blow you off.
    And another tip, you're TOO YOUNG
    good LUCK ANYWAY :)

    • I sort of dated two girls at the same time before this one and then the two girls found out about each other and then just got all mad at me. It was crazy. Middle school is really complicated

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    • Nah that is totally wrong kid. If you don't believe me, ask from anyone... its worst once after you get the girl. Once she becomes your girlfriend, you will have to spend time.. buy her thing... etc etc. It's lot of work... not easy. So that's why I tell you to balance everything. Mainly because this is not the right age to date. This age is to study. I know that this sounds ridiculous but I'm trying not to ruin your life...

    • Im in middle school just in case you didn't see. When I was in 6th grade I had a girlfriend and it made everything better for me. Now Im going to 7th. Everyone's experience is different. It's not like high school where you guys can actually go to places. Here we are just stuck at school.
      I found out the best way to hug a girl is from behind

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