I proposed a girl. Need your opinion?

I proposed a girl but she didn't answer me.,. and stopped talking to me,... but after someday she started to sen me texts and now she is talking to me normally.,.,. I love her so much and want to know what is in heart.,.. please tell me should i wait for her answer or ask her whats in mind?
I know her from 1 year and she tells me everything.,.,.


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  • how well do you know her?

    • We are best friends she tells me everything

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    • But now she makes me smile more than past...
      i think she likes me

    • I know you hope beyond hope she likes you and so you start to see things that are not there... it happens a lot.

      Give it some time to let her make herself clear. If she likes you she will get frustrated too and just tell you. Women are good at that :)

      In the meantime, don't push her. If she wants to accept your proposal, she will. Expect nothing and be surprised it will hurt a lot less if you get nothing then x

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  • Sorry if this may seem unhelpful, but why don't you just ask her yourself? She obviously ignored your proposal so you literally have nothing to lose. Worst case scenario she ignores you again and you'll have your answer.


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  • Erm, how long have you been together for?


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