A "kid" who is 6 years old younger than me (he is 20), wants to hook up with me?

He's always been ask me like "When did u break with with ur boyfriend" or "Are you seeing someone recently" while watching a movie, and always approaching me when he was with me, but me kinda controled himself and did it subtle. But recently he began to send me message like "Why we didn't sleep together until now?" such like that, I was pissed and said Do not send me message when ur drunk, then he asked me when can I come over to watch a movie again.

So he just wants to have sex with me or wants something more serious?
  • He just want to have sex with u
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  • He want u to be his fg
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and why?


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What Guys Said 1

  • He is 20yo hardly a kid, if he just wants to have sex or not, nobody knows here on GaG... by the way sex is something serious.


What Girls Said 1

  • It sounds like he's only in it for the sex. I'd say play with him if you want but otherwise drop him. Even though he's "only" 20 it's still not okay for him to solicit you like that.


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