What should I do>? move to another town?

I want to move out, i live with my mom and im 23 and all tho its not bad since its normal to stay at home untill your are finished studying but i want to live on my own, i dont have my drivers license yet but im working on it, i found a house at a bigger city and its perfect! but i dont know anyone there, i dont even have friends over there or family but the town is big and so much more fun, my local hometown its taking a long to find a place, too long... what should i do?


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  • Sometimes you need to be brave and just go for it. Working in a bar is always a good way to make friends with local people so if you do go might be worth doing that and you could be making friends in no time.

    • really? pffff im kinda scared

    • It is natural to be nervous, but you might look back on it and think it was the best thing you ever did.

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