Would this be a nice romantic first date a nice walk in a deer park followed by a meal and a trip to the cinema, I feel the park would be relaxing?

the reason behind it is she enjoy's the outdoors so what better then a nice open park filled with deer's


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  • its a bit much to be honest... a first date you should always leave them wanting more so i would leave the cinema for a second date :)

    • okay how about if after the first two she is having a good time and i just suggest it?
      is the deer park a good idea though?

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    • when i was on the first date with my boyfriend and i couldnt decide if i should kiss him i asked him a simple question. I said 'if you are scared to do something would you dive in at the deep end and do it or just not do it?' he said 'not do it' so i grabbed him and kissed him. :)

    • thanks for the advice could you answer this one as well it's related to the same girl

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  • A walk in the park, then dinner, then a movie sounds like too much for a first date. Cut out the movie, tell her you're just taking her to the deer park, and then if things are going well at the park you can ask her if she wants to get a bite to eat


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