She's complicated. Should I pursue this girl?

I like this girl. She's cute. But she has this history with her ex.

Don't know why they broke up. Her ex still likes her. She also has little bit feelings for him but she says she won't go back to him, but then again she says she's confused cause she doesn't have anyone better than him also? She's also constantly texting with him too.

Does it smell like trouble to you? Should I try to pursue her or should I move on? Normally I would move on but she's really cute :p so I need some advice.


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  • ... But she has this history with her ex...
    You have answered your own Question here, dear, and with This, I refer to it as a "Triangle Threesome," where you are way at the top, looking down, from side to side, at the both of them.
    Why open up a smelly can of 'Trouble to you?' She has not gotten Over him, he still 'Likes her,' and it is their own Trouble bubble that I see.
    I am sorry to burst your own 'Bubble' but better to be safe than sorry down a beaten path that will just Involve you getting In the middle of A... War of the Romance Roses.
    Good luck. xx


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  • It looks like she's still pretty into him so I'd say to move on and keep a friendly relationship with her.

  • Yea go ahead show her that you're better than him


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