Why would a girl of a dating site say she will add me on facebook then not?

Well she hasn't be online on the dating site since then. I gave it a week for her to add me then i found her and sent her a friend request two day's ago. Now she hasn't seen the message or deleted the request but she did update her profile pic! i'm confused any suggestions as she did seem really into me on the dating site.
plus she said speak soon
each message was a paragraph with a x
lots of :) and !
she found me funny using a lot of haha and lol's
and gave me praise


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  • i am guessing she saw your facebook and ran. Sorry :(

    • what do you mean? i look exactly the same and she hasn't been online since that day so maybe she is jsut really busy

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    • She has accepted my friend request now!

    • Thats good... does she have a reason for where she was?

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  • A) She lost interest.
    B) She is dead.

    But seriously, I had that before too, not worth getting hyped up about, move on to the next.

    • shouldn't i wait their might be a good reason for it

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    • She has accepted my friend request now!

    • And the excuse was?
      If she gave one, in case she didn't, don't ask.

      Any progress since then?

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  • She changed her mind.


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