He has a girlfriend?

So I usually go up north every weekend with my family to our cottage. I recently met this guy who seemed very sweet so we started to hang out. He clearly flirted with me and was sad when I had to leave to go home. He told me that he liked me and couldn't wait to see me again. So when I got home and reunited with my internet connections, I immediately searched around for this boy on social media. I know it sounds a little creepy but I've had some trust issues so its comforting to know what I'm dealing with. Sure enough, I found his Facebook and it turns out that he has a girlfriend! Now I'm stuck because I don't know how to act or what I should do. I truly wish it was as easy as losing connection with him, but sadly it isn't. I'm going to see him a bunch of times throughout the summer since he is my next door NEIGHBOUR up north!! I'm not going to stop going with my family because I enjoy leaving the city and I'm not going to let a dumb guy ruin that for me. On the other hand, he's immediately going to realize that I'm avoiding him and I can't tell him that I know about his girlfriend because that would lead into the confession of hard core stalking him online and that would be embarrassing. I'm dreading the next time I see him because I can't pretend that I'm clueless and that everything is alright. I feel used and hurt because I was actually starting to like him. I'm only 16 and I don't want all of this drama in my life. What should I do? :( Its not a fake girlfriend... trust me he has pictures with her. She's in his header and profile pic!


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  • Don't avoid him as such just try to not be left on your own with him and develop feelings. Don't mention to him about the girlfriend but don't let yourself be put in a position where something might happen. If he does make a move, maybe just say you don't like him?

  • ask him about her... you were perfectly within your right to look for him online to connect online.


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