Do I just give up on him or not?

So this guy I was recently seeing for over 7 months has recently just said we might as well be friends. Every thing was so good, just how it should be, he made me so happy, everything was always about us and our future and he was so sure I was the one who he would marry, until recently we kept arguing about silly things and not talk to each other for a while, it really upset me when he said we should just be friends because he doesn't want to argue and he only was positivity in his life. I don't even get why we argued. So I just thought he isn't worth my time and haven't spoke to him for a week now. He sent me a message wishing me a "happy birthday babe" and I replied saying thanks and that was it. Do I message him and say we're better then this? Because it feels like he is waiting for me to say that? What do I do? 😩


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  • Yea I think you should talk to him and see if you can work things out and be together without arguing, cuz it's really not worth it if you keep arguing I have to agree with him. You could send him that message.


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  • The best advice that I can give you is.

    1. well its good that you trying get back together with this guy and really trying to work out your relationship.

    2. I need to know about what y'all used to argue about so I can help you and give you a good advice. if you want you can inbox me anytime I'm a very understanding guy when it comes to advice

  • give up he won't be yours

  • No, you shouldn't message him such a cliche thing.

    And really, it's not giving up if the relationship already sounded like it was involving petty fights, big sign of things just not working out which is fine.

    • So I should just let it all go due to someone being childish is what ur saying yeah

    • yeah

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