Is 12 years older a reasonable dating range?

I'm 23 and just moved from italy to the UK and I find dating very difficult here so I joined a dating site. They let you set an age range for message you want to accept and I set mine from 18 to 35. Though I'm looking for someone a bit older than me actually, someone who is ready to settle down rather sooner than later

But anyways I got a good few messages from guys over 30 which is fine, but you know a lot of those guys looked so old already and often have kids or were already divorce.
Which made me wonder is 12 years older too old? Is it a reasonable age range?


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  • Do you know anyone personally who has dated that much older?

    • nope, not even close. Why?

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    • well you see it work out with celebrities?

    • If you're a celebrity too then you have nothing to worry about

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  • as long as you are happy and compatible, don't worry so much about your age. at least you're both over 21.

    • why what happens at 21?

    • Nothing. I'm saying at least you guys both are of age and don't have to worry about people saying well ur just a kid or whatever bla bla people say when a younger person is with an older one.

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  • 21 to 28 i think for you :)

    • I don't know if I can be that picky. It's a mid sized town, not too many single people here

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    • It's not that I my mind seeing older men, it's just that the point of their lives those guys were in made me wonder, if maybe it's too old?

    • hmm well try and see, learn the lesson :)

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