Girls, Is it a major turn off for you if a guy has never been in a relationship?

Hey! I need some help with regards to meeting women! Ever since grade school I have felt like no girl has ever liked me. I just graduated from college and still have yet to have my first relationship. I have never "loved" any women and I think this is because I have never meaningfully spoken to a girl I found attractive. I just don't know what to do, as I am now approaching 22 years old without any dating experience. I have tried at bars/clubs but mostly get shut down. I definitely don't feel entitled, but I am somewhat confident in myself. At this point though I am starting to question whether it is my appearance or if women can tell that I am inexperienced with the whole dating scene.
It's an odd situation for me because I don't feel as if I am unattractive per se. Also, I am a pretty confident person, respectful, and funny/more loose with those that I am close with. I just feel like I never get a chance to show my true personality!

Any advice or commentary would be greatly appreciated!


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  • Not a turn off! I actually appreciate a guy that has not had too many girlfriends or none at all. It makes me feel extremely special that they would want to be with me and shows that they won't just date any old girl that catches their eye. A guy who has not been in a relationship recently or ever is also a lot less likely to carry emotional baggage, and won't be comparing you with the last girl he dated, so that's a huge perk. Plus, you know that you were the first girl to ever share that intimate a bond with him amd that means a lot. When it comes to being physical, it is nice to have a guy that knows what he is doing, HOWEVER if you find the right girl who loves and respects you, she will be willing to teach you, and trust me, you probably will get the hang of thongs fast, and who knows, maybe you will find a girl that is inexperienced too and you two can grow together. I wish you the best of luck!

    • Whoops meant to say "hang of things..." but I guess my typo works too 😂

    • Thanks a lot! Definitely is nice to hear :). Who knows, maybe once I enter the workforce it'll give me more opportunities with women that I can relate to!

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  • In a sense I think it's sweet, it shows that you really want to wait for a girl you truly like. However, when it comes down to sex (assuming you're still a virgin) I'd say it's a turn off yes just because I know sex with experienced guys is so much better.

  • No, I think it's refreshing you had other priorities in mind than dating while you were in school. Not a turn off. I typically don't understand people that have been in a lot of relationships at an early age. Too much drama I think.


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