He said he wants a relationship but not yet?

So on the 4th of July my best friend who I have very strong feelings for came with me and some friends to a carnival and I fireworks I could tell we were hitting it off. We didn't flirt but we always had attention towards one another and sometimes he would grab me gently on my shoulders while people passed through the line we were I'm tryin to stay out of there way but he would sort of hold it there. Then eventually he touched me skin extremely gently with his thumb it was kind of a cute move he did. We stayed up all night wen we both got home talking on fb. He opened up and basically said he has feelings for me and isn't sure about a relationship yet because he's working two jobs and is really busy which I know is true he's my best friend. He said he wants somethjng eventually though maybe soon. I told him that's fine because I'm going through some things myself. Then he made a suggestion of hooking up but knows I had a bad experience once with a guy and made it very clear to me he didn't want to rush me or pressure me and basically made it sound like he's not after sex with me that it was only a suggestion. The last thing he said to me was try and get some rest alright? And then I replied I'll try. 4 hours later at 4 am I texted him a very long paragraph about my feelings and I made myself sound vulnerable though. I also said in the message please don't hurt me. He hasn't put any sexual moves on me: but he read it and still no reply. Does it sound like he wants to date tho? I feel like he wants to date but then again I've been played in the past and it hurt like hell. Why won't he reply to my message regarding my feelings though? I wouldn't like to think he just wants sex from me for he's my best friend and I've had feelings for him for more than a year. He has never touched me in inapropriate places or disrespected me


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  • He could have just been trying for sex and your heartfelt message about don't hurt you may have hit him and made him back off because he was intending to talk u in to bed and never actually have a relationship. Be careful of him make sure he's being truthful.


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