Girls, how can I make her open up to me and get her back?

I'm in love with this girl and I've dated her and we are friends. I dated her like 3 weeks ago and broke up with her bc I couldn't see her like I wanted. she always made an excuse and when I did see her she only stayed around for about 30 min. I don't know why I love her but I do, I feel a connection with her to. she said she loves me ask if she is saying that bc I said it first or not I don't know. I don't send her good morning or goodnight texts anymore really barely talk to her fr anymore I just text her see what she is up to ask her how she doing and how the progress with her kid problems that she is going through. I heard she been hoeing but idc I want her in my life. I have tired to get her out my mind I've had sex with multiple girls but she I'm done I just think of her and just wanna spend time with her. I only kissed her once which is another reason I broke up with her. kissed once out of a month and spent about 3hrs together in total. I think I think I got to attached to her but I don't know I just want her in my life or figure how to get rid of my feeling for her.


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  • It just sounds like she's not that interested in you anymore. Girls are moved by the moment so she probably told you she loved you because you said it first. I think you should try to set up a time to talk with her and try to rekindle your relationship. But if she doesn't bite, then I assume she's moved on and isn't interested in having a relationship with you.

    • if I try that she will avoid it I gotta just catch her when she come talk to me $helicopter 've across the street from me

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