What's with the emotional swing?

Seriously - I ACCIDENTALLY kissed a guy friend of mine a couple of days ago. I really do value the friendship and I feel funny about potentially messing things up We had a thing for a brief time during a summer program we both attended, and things were weird for a LONG time after.

Then, to make matters worse, without thinking I asked him how he felt about me. lol {I tried to retract it, but he already started responding. He gave me a very elaborate response- it was like he had a speech son. prepared. He said a lot of cool things but he also said he liked me as a person.

OK. I GOT IT message understood. So I stayed away for a while tried to give some space so things could go back to normal.ces to spend time with me... then we get into this major blowout - honestly I don't even know what started it, I thin he was just mad, I don't remember being upset about anything.

So, he basically starts it off by saying he has never lost feelings for me, and he's been trying to tell me this for a long time, but I'm like not available to talk. Like I am not attentive to what he's saying or I make it hard to talk to him.

But I just ASKED him like a week before how he felt {i did not mean to , but I did} ,and part of his response was that he liked me as a PERSON... I am assuming he did not mean , as apposed to a Zebra!

What am I supposed to think?

What would you think?


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  • Usually if someone says they like you as a person, it means they like you as a friend and they like hanging out with you, but they don't want to date you. But his statement that he's never lost feelings for you makes it confusing. I honestly think he's confused about what he wants and I think you should give him some time to figure out what he wants. Let him know that that is what you're doing.