Called a girl yesterday to set up a date and she didn't pick up. Should I call again today or just text her?

Met this girl over a week ago at a music festival (We're both 18-21 age range). She was clearly interested, gave me her number without asking, we texted for a few hours a couple days later, found out we lived in the same state so I ended with saying we should grab dinner when I'm down on that side of the state in a couple weeks (family lives down there and I also go for work a bit).

Didn't talk to her for almost a week (didn't want to text too much and risk losing interest) and called her yesterday to set up an actual time and date since I found out when I would be down there. She didn't respond or call back and still hasn't yet, so I'm planning on contacting her again, but should I call or text? Today or tomorrow? And would it really make a difference? I've read a lot on this and there seems to be a divide between girls who say just text for a date, and girls who say to call, otherwise I'd just look weak. Thoughts?

Also, I have her on snapchat and she viewed my story later that night, so I know she saw the call.


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  • She doesn't want to meet you in a couple of weeks and she prefers to know you well before taking the next step. The best idea is wait for her phone call if you don't want ro overwhelm her. And if she doesn't call you she isn't interested, sorry.


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  • Ehh, She's playing games man, I'm going through something like that right now, But I'm sick of playing mind games, the girl i'm talking to is doing the same thing, I'm just gonna drop her, Ignore her, Unless she contacts you. But keep your head up, more girls that are exactly the opposite type of girl out there..


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  • Call her one more time, but after that leave a text then dont do anything.


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