Girls, if you base your attraction on good looking guys, why should I need social skills to attract you?

I am searching for a grilfriend and i admire i have never had. If I waste my time and energy, face my fears to approach women, boost my confidence, why should i do that if i will attract the same level attractive girl as me? If I will attract a girl who is same lavel or below me why should i need to wasit my time and energy? I do not mean i do not want to have a girlfriend, but if i give my confidence and my appearence to girl what i will get in return? It is like to buy a car and pay money and pay the same car you buy...


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  • To be honest, if you are a really good guy the appearence doesn't matter. The thing that I admire the most in a men is the intelligence. If he is really clever and FUNNY (that's important too) i love him.

    • IQ or sense of humor? Newton was the most inteligent human being on the planet ( almostAll physics equations are based on newton's laws) and he died virgin. my major was physics and my course mate was so dumb, 0 IQ, but he had so attention from lots of beautiful girls...

    • *from lots of beautiful women...

    • Maybe he had the attention, but that doesn't mean he had something else. I would NEVER date a guy who's just good looking, i need much more in a relationchip.

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  • I don't know how many girls would want to date a guy who puts in zero effort because he thinks they're average looking, and therefore not worth the same effort as a "hot" girl. So you know, good luck with that attitude.

    • My attitude is to get a girlfriend the way outer of my league. To get the hottest girlfriend in the whole world. to get a model of victoria secret!

  • Okay yes, initial attraction (FOR EVERYONE) is based on looks, but for a relationship or even a friendship to form, you have to like the person inhabiting the body not just the body! Social skills and manners are very very very important

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