If a guy kisses you on the head what does it mean?

OK so there is this guy at work that I really like, and when I was about to say hi and kiss him in the cheek, he put one of his arm around my waist and started to kiss me on the head.the kisses that he gave me it wasn't a quick kiss it was more like Idk how to describe it the thing is that it wasn't a quick kiss. we weren't alone alone, when I was going to stepped back he tried to pull me closer to him, but there was a supervisor around so I backed off I was scared. so what do you think let me know your opinion

is this a sign that says that he wants 2 kiss me ? also is this cuddling? let me know with detail


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  • I think he would have liked to have kissed you on the mouth, but knew that wasn't appropriate. What he did wasn't very appropriate either. You can respond nicely if you think you'd like to get to know him better, or tell him in no uncertain terms that it wasn't appropriate if you don't.


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